Using Twitter Polls to Strengthen your Business Brand

News 01:01 January 2020:

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The recent growing popularity of the use of the twitter poll tool is a clear indication that social media marketing and brand promotion strategies are evolving. A few years back when brand promoters were still familiarizing themselves with social media marketing, all they used to do is post endless marketing and brand promotional tweets. However, this trend has gradually faded away and replaced by a more interactive way of interacting with other Twitter users. The use of twitter polls is one of these perfect ways of engaging followers and letting their opining count through voting. Here are four ways that businesses can incorporate twitter polls in brand strengthening.

Major Brand Decision

Although a business organization cannot entirely rely on twitter polls for making an important decision regarding running the business, the opinion gathered from the polls cannot be ruled out nevertheless. People who engage with you on social media are regular clients, probable future clients or just people who take an interest in what your brand stands for. Therefore it’s good to involve them when a firm wants to undertake a major project such as the introduction of a new product, a change in packaging or change of a business logo.

Brand and Service or Product Promotion

The primary reason for engaging your followers on Twitter is to promote your products or services that you want to sell. Twitter polls can perfectly help you do exactly that in an engaging and interactive way that won’t appear like you are selling out to your followers, though in actual sense, you are exactly doing that. For instance, a men’s wear cloth line firm can introduce a poll asking people to vote maybe on whether a certain make of trouser is fashionable to wear during a certain event or during a certain prevailing weather condition. The tweet should be comical yet informative. The results of the poll will inform the company of what is trending hence helps them major on that.

Guide your Tweets Content

Can you imagine how boring it can be to listen to a person talk of the same uninteresting things he’d probably said a day earlier or rather having to read a certain book you really feel is mind-numbing? Well, that’s how it feels when one tweets without considering the opinion of their audience. The best way to grab your twitter followers opinion on what they would like you to tweet is asking them through a twitter poll. The results will inform you on what to rectify or improve on.

A Twitter poll is a fast way that lets your followers weigh in on questions hence shaping your brand according to the expressed opinions. Twitter is a social media platform and people go there to socialize and have a breath of fresh air after a tiring day at work. So you don’t push them away from your posts with promotional materials. Rather, introduce a twitter poll that is fun to participate in. when the poll is over, all participants receive a push notification that helps bring them back to your posts.

Marketing and Twitter Polls

Briefly described, twitter polls are basically native polls that are built to get feedback and allow people the chance to give what they think about certain questions and issues. With a single click, people get the chance to give their answer to the question that has been asked and the results are also calculated instantly. Many businesses today are marketing themselves on the twitter platform and the twitter polls are one of the best features on the platform that you can use to enhance your marketing campaign. Below are ways that you can integrate the polls to your marketing strategy and have success at it.

Use the twitter polls to guide the content that you choose to put up on the twitter platforms and use in all your marketing campaigns. You will find that doing so will give you a lot of insight into what your followers actually want to read. This will allow and help you to make better and more informed decisions and you will alsodiscover that it will create a better bond between you and your followers and this will impact positively on the success of your marketing campaign.

Twitter pollsalso work very well to help marketers to establish though leadership within their marketing campaigns. Each and every single day, there are conversations that take place around various trending topics. Deciding to develop a poll around the leading conversations that are taking place in the industry for that particular day can work very well to help people view you as a thought leader in the particular industry that you are operating in.

Twitter polls are also a very good platform that you can use to involve your market in the brand decisions that you will be making every now and then. Using the polls can help you top find out exactly what the market expects form you and how you can better your products and services. At the end of the day it is said that customer is king; the product or service that you are rolling out is targeted to a particular group. This group will only consume the product or service if they find that it meets their needs.Research has also shown that brand loyalty is enhanced by listening to the opinions that your target market is giving. As a matter of fact, statistics are showing that 65% of the people usually feel better connected to a brand when the company owning the brand takes the step to show them that they actually care about them as customers.

Marketing is done to promote products and services ultimately.Twitter polls provide for such a good platform through which you can promote the goods and services that you are offering in an engaging and interactive way. You will find that you have at your disposal a platform that will not only have your listeners listening to what you have to say but you will alsobe getting to know what it is they think about the product and exactly what it is that they need form you. It gets easier to promote your products and services this way as you are sure of what your audience is looking for from you.




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